Saturday, January 9, 2010

Clinton Tuesday


Hey Tessa. Um, so... I went to go see the Barrington Plaza place today, and possibly Barrington and Pico, there's a place also, and um, if you could drive me down to Barrington and Pico, I need to drop off some, um, work for the like headquarter, like office for Landmark and it's on Barrington. A block up - a block and a half up from Barrington and Pico. So if you could just do that, too, that would be cool. Call me back and let me know what your plan is for today. Okay. Bye.

Google Voice text:

Hey Tessa, so I wanted to go see the just saw the place today and possibly guarantee Pico disposals bill and if you could driving down the 3rd in Vegas. I need to drop off some work for the like headquarters like office for Landmark many phones or anything. So lockup happen. Clinton Tuesday, so if you to do that to people, so just call me back and let me know what your plans. Okay bye.